Wayside needs you: three ways to help, right now

Wayside needs you: three ways to help, right now

At Wayside, we might have just wrapped up the school year, but already preparations for the upcoming year are kicking into high gear!

Fortunately, things are looking very promising, with numerous families reaching out to us to inquire about sending their children to Wayside. Typically, this is thanks to hearing glowing reports from current families about the vibrant, thriving Catholic, classical school in Peterborough.

However, as we chart a course for the upcoming year, there are three urgent items that we need your help with, right now:

  1. Hiring Staff – Teachers are the lifeblood of Wayside, ensuring that our students receive an education that is both faithfully Catholic, as well as challenging and wonder-filled. Right now we are looking to hire several teachers, including kindergarten and elementary school teachers, and a high school humanities teacher. In addition, we are looking to hire a dual-role donor-relations and marketing manager. Please think deeply about anyone you know who might be a good fit for any of these positions, and send them to the employment section of our website to find out more! Also feel free to e-mail or call us at [email protected] or (705) 749-3658 with any recommendations. In our experience word-of-mouth is often the most powerful way to recruit excellent Catholic teachers.
  2. Open House (July 11 @ 10:00AM) – Wayside is holding a summer Open House on July 11, at 10:00 AM. Note, that this is NEXT WEEK. We have several families already confirmed as attending. However, if you know anyone who might be interested in finding out more about Wayside’s joyfully Catholic and rigorously classical model of education, please invite them! In fact, if you haven’t been to Wayside in some time, perhaps it’s a good time to come by and learn more about the amazing things happening here every day. I have no doubt that you will be impressed with the school’s vision and growth. If you or someone you know plans on attending, please RSVP to [email protected] or by calling (705) 749-3658.
  3. Donate to our End-of-Year Appeal – As mentioned in our e-newsletter a few weeks ago, Wayside has launched an end-of-year appeal, with a goal of $75,000. We are aiming to hit that goal by the end of July! So far, we have raised over $11,000, which is a great start. However, we need more supporters like you to join our campaign. It is critical we hit our minimum goal, so that we can make much-needed improvements to our school building, hire necessary staff, and keep our education affordable for ordinary families. If you haven’t yet made your contribution to Wayside’s End-of-Year Appeal, please click here to donate today! While we certainly appreciate larger donations, even a donation of $10 or $20 makes a big difference, if everyone pitches in!

As always, Wayside is deeply grateful for your ongoing support and prayers. As the only classical, Catholic school in Peterborough (or for well over 100 km around it!), we rely upon the whole community to keep Wayside growing, thriving, and affordable. Together, let’s continue to build a joyfully Catholic school of which we can all be proud.


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