Catholic Life

Sacraments, Prayer and Devotional Life

Daily morning prayers are prayed by the students and staff gathered in the Chapel: Morning offering, Prayer to the Guardian Angel, Prayer to St. Michael, Prayer to Our Lady of the Wayside and a decade of the Rosary. There is Holy Mass daily, as well as weekly Adoration/Benediction and weekly opportunity for the Sacrament of Confession.

Students are exposed regularly to the lives of the Saints as  encountered in the liturgical calendar and celebrate Lenten, Advent, Marian and other devotions at appropriate times.

The goal is to be a school rooted in the Eucharistic presence of Christ and to foster in each student a living faith and true relationship with the Lord, lived in personal and communal prayer, the Sacramental life and personal witness.

Catechesis and Catholic Teaching

Fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church is primary so that as truth is taught it can be lived, and be that foundation upon which a student’s life and vision of life are built. Students receive Catholic catechetical and theological instruction at each level, partnering with parents who are the first teachers of the Faith to their children in their Christian formation.

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