Wayside enrolment already up for 2023-24

Wayside enrolment already up for 2023-24

As more and more families are finding out about Wayside, enrolment appears set for significant growth.

Last year, there were 61 students enrolled at Wayside. Already, however, 65 students have enrolled for the 2023-24 school year, and that number looks likely to significantly increase.

The stage has been set for growth thanks in part to the success of our recent open house and organ concert, glowing recommendations from current families, and a growing awareness of the excellence of Wayside’s challenging, faith-centred classical curriculum.

“So many parents I’ve spoken to in recent months, both at our recent open house and during private tours, tell me how ecstatic they are to find a school like Wayside,” said Headmaster John Jalsevac. “Many of these families are coming to us because they have heard either through the grapevine or from current families about the amazing things happening at Wayside every day.”

“Frankly, my worry in the near future is that we might run out of space. However, that’s a great problem to have, and internally we are already discussing ways that we might be able to accommodate more students in the future.”

Past experience suggests that Wayside can expect numerous families to tour the school throughout the summer months, with some of those families ultimately choosing to enrol their children for the upcoming academic year.

In fact, in the wake of the open house, Wayside is communicating with several families who have expressed their intent to enrol their children over the summer.

Clearly, more and more parents are looking for the kind of joyfully Catholic and rigorously classical education that Wayside provides.

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