Students strive for victory in “Battle of the Books!”

Students strive for victory in “Battle of the Books!”

One afternoon in March, students and staff assembled during the lunch hour in their House Teams to battle it out in the ultimate book trivia battle based on books that they’ve been reading since December!

It was Wayside’s first ever “Battle of the Books!” Only one team would emerge victorious, and competition was fierce.

The first 2 rounds had students guessing the title and/or author of a book based on a list of clues.

The next round had students providing even more detailed answers.

The top two teams after these three rounds were Team Ambrose and Team Chrysostom who went head-to-head in the Lightning Round.

It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end, Team Chrysostom came out on top with the most correct answers.

Thank you to Miss Platt and Miss Connell for all their hard work in organizing the battle, preparing the book lists and trivia questions, tallying up the scores and announcing the winners!

Wayside’s 1st ever Battle of the Books was amazing!

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